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Low Socioeconomic Status and Obesity

October 27, 2021

    Script: Hello, my name is John, and today we will be presenting on the epidemic facing the United States known as Obesity. Statistics have proven time and time again that the United States is heavier than most other … Read more

The Intersection Between Race and Ethnicity and Rural Healthcare Access

October 27, 2021

References for Slide: Galloway, E., Spero, J., Wilson, H. (2020, March 24). Primary care access in North Carolina is not equally distributed. Sheps Health Workforce NC.  North Carolina Rural and Urban counties. (2019). NC DHHS Office of Rural Health.  2018 county population estimates: Race & ethnicity. (2019, December 5). Carolina Demography.  … Read more

Combating the Stigma Around Diabetes in North Carolina

October 27, 2021

Reference: Does Diabetes in the U.S come with a social stigma? (2016). [Digital image of pie charts displaying stigma rates.] Drug watch. Retrieved October 26, 2021 from Presentation Script: Although Type 1 diabetes mellitus has been around for centuries, … Read more

Examining the Multi-Factorial Relationship between Socioeconomic Status and Mental Health in North Carolina

October 27, 2021

References Christopher, G. H. (2005). Socioeconomic status and mental illness: Tests of the social causation and selection hypotheses. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 75(1), 3-18. doi: 10.1037/0002-9432.75.1.3.    Presentation Script: Morning, my name is Joseph and my presentation would explore the multi-factorial relationship between Socioeconomic Status and mental health in North Carolina.  Researchers have long … Read more

Rural Healthcare Access Inequities Overview

October 27, 2021

Images drawn by Gabi Battaglini Script: Most people think of race and poverty when thinking of healthcare inequities, but there also exists a divide between rural and urban health care access. This divide exists not only within parts of the … Read more

Disproportionate COVID-19 Infection and Death Rates Among Minorities in North Carolina

October 27, 2021

References COVID-19 hospitalization and death rates among active epic patients by race/ethnicity. (2020). [Digital image of a bar graph of COVID-19 rates.] Kaiser Family Foundation. Retrieved October 24, 2021 from  Poverty rate by race and ethnicity in North Carolina, … Read more

How Eating Disorders Impact Minorities in North Carolina

October 26, 2021

Sophia Merine Script: The perception of eating disorders affecting young, skinny, white women has made it harder for ethnic minorities to seek treatment for eating disorders. Ethnic minorities, specifically in North Carolina, are less likely to seek treatment for their … Read more