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A Holistic Look at a Life with Hashimoto’s Disease

November 26, 2021

Disclaimer: The individual interviewed for this illness narrative has given permission for this narrative to be published on our course website publicly with their full name attached. This individual understands that they can alter these permissions at any time.   … Read more

Disproportionate COVID-19 Infection and Death Rates Among Minorities in North Carolina

October 27, 2021

References COVID-19 hospitalization and death rates among active epic patients by race/ethnicity. (2020). [Digital image of a bar graph of COVID-19 rates.] Kaiser Family Foundation. Retrieved October 24, 2021 from  Poverty rate by race and ethnicity in North Carolina, … Read more

Could Mosquito Saliva Prevent Another Pandemic?

September 27, 2021

    Video Essay Transcript: One of the most prevalent problems in the world today is the COVID-19 pandemic. As many people know, researchers are hard at work on combating this virus. However, many people don’t know that there may … Read more

The Start of Something New

August 22, 2021

As the summer comes to a close, teenagers everywhere have packed up the lives that they have known for so long to start a new one in college. Some moved hours away from home, while some moved just minutes. But, … Read more