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Get to know the student authors! Read their profiles, see their profile pics, and use the links to see the work each one of them is posting.


Jordanne Arace headshot

Jordanne Arace

Jordanne Arace is a sophomore transfer student from the University of California Irvine majoring in Economics. She is from Greensboro, NC, and enjoys playing tennis, doing logic puzzles, and rewatching Criminal Minds. She aims to become a bankruptcy attorney, but her true life goal is to host Saturday Night Live. See Jordanne’s work in this course.



Gabi Battaglini headshot

Gabi Battaglini

Gabi Battaglini is a first year Chemistry and Biology major from Durham, North Carolina. Though a STEM major, she also holds interests in music, playing the flute and piccolo in a band. She hopes to one day become a physician. See Gabi’s work in this course.



Sean Curzan headshot

Sean Curzan

Sean Curzan, from Cary, North Carolina, is a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He plans to study chemistry with the hopes of pursuing medicine, specifically orthopedics, as a career. His hobbies include swimming, lifting, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. See Sean’s work in this course.



Jasmine El Mrabti

Jasmine El Mrabti is a first-year Biological Physics major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A student activist, scientist, and equity advocate, Jasmine regularly engages their peers in dialogue surrounding food, climate, and social injustice. The Miami native hopes to pursue her MD-PhD and explore the intersection of clinical care and research. In her free time, Jasmine enjoys painting African landscapes, reading about quantum physics, and playing with her brother. See Jasmine’s work in this course.


Mahlon Everhart headshotMahlon Everhart

Originally from Las Cruces, NM, Mahlon is a first-year transfer student studying Psychology with a minor in Biology at the University of North Carolina. He was a part of the 2020 5A New Mexico State Boys Basketball Team and a member of the Junior Leadership Chamber of Commerce. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, team-roping, and playing basketball. He hopes to eventually become a therapist dealing with anxiety or a medical physician. See Mahlon’s work in this course.



Michael Fair headshot

Michael Fair

Michael Fair, a first-year from Wichita, Kansas, is currently attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He plans to major in biology and then further his academic career studying medicine. Michael also has interest in the fields of economics and business. Outside of school he enjoys volunteering, playing all types of sports and spending time with his friends. See Michael’s work in this course.


Jocelyn Foxworth headshot

Jocelyn Foxworth

Originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, Jocelyn Foxworth is a first-year pre-nursing student at the University of North Carolina. Mrs. Foxworth is looking into specializing in either pediatrics or acute oncology. Jocelyn Has her CNA, BLS, and first aid certification provided by Cape Fear Community College, the American Heart Association, and Red Cross. In Jocelyn’s spare time, she thoroughly enjoys playing tennis, the ukulele, attempting to bake, and watching Gilmore Girls. See Jocelyn’s work in this course.


Kris Franklin headshot

Kris Franklin

Originally from Newark, NJ, Kris moved to NC in 2012. Kris is a first-year student at UNC studying Exercise and Sport Science. In his free time, he enjoys working out, playing sports, and eating great food. He hopes to eventually become either a sports medicine physician or an athletic trainer. See Kris’s work in this course.



Olivia Fults headshot

Olivia Fults

Olivia Fults is a first-year student at the University of North Carolina. This semester she will be studying both Music and Biology. Olivia frequently volunteers within her local community hospital systems, which has piqued her interest in exploring the healthcare fields. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as reading and playing the cello. See Olivia’s work in this course.


Keerthana Gotur headshot

Keerthana Gotur

Born in New York and brought up in South India, Keerthana is a freshman on the pre-med track majoring in Biology and considering a minor in Spanish. She has her first aid and BLS certification from the American Heart Association and has done a specialization in immunology, her field of interest. She loves languages (can speak 5) and enjoys playing the piano, drawing, listening to music, or petting animals in her free time. See Keerthana’s work in this course.



Joseph Gu headshot

Joseph Gu

Joseph Qiaoan Gu, a student of the ENGL 105I course for Fall 2021 semester, comes from east coast China as an international student of Biology major at UNC. While as a biology major, he also has interests in social sciences and humanities. In his free time, he loves to read, travel and consider himself an amateur photographer. See Joseph’s work in this course.



Anushree Jeyakumar headshot

Anushree Jeyakumar

Anushree is a first-year Public Health: Health Policy and Management major from Cary, NC at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. She is a CNA and Certified Pharmacy Technician but hopes to pursue a career in the medical field as a physician. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family and with staying active by playing lacrosse and doing taekwondo. See Anushree’s work in this course.


Ella King headshot

Ella King

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Ella King is a first-year student at UNC pursuing a biology major. She has recently pledged Phi Mu and is on the pre-medicine track. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, playing soccer, and petting her dogs. See Ella’s work in this course.



Baylee Materia headshot

Baylee Materia

Born in Boca Raton, Florida, Baylee is a first-year undergraduate student studying neuroscience at UNC Chapel Hill. She is looking forward to pursuing research in one of the university’s esteemed laboratories with hopes of continuing on to medical school after completing her Bachelor of Science degree. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, going to the beach, playing with her two dogs, and spending time with her friends. See Baylee’s work in this course.


Sophia Merine headshotSophia Merine

Originally from Ellicott City, Maryland, Sophia is a first-year undergraduate student studying Germanic Language and Literature on the Pre-med track. She is planning on minoring in Medicine, Literature and Culture which relates to her excitement about her Writing in Heath and Medicine class. In her free time, she enjoys writing, being with her friends, and playing with her dog. Her career aspirations are to become a forensic pathologist. See Sophia’s work in this course.



John Ogidi headshotJohn Ogidi

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, John locally resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is a first-year pre-med student majoring in health policy management at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. John plans on attending med school after his four years at Carolina. He hopes to become a doctor specializing in cardiothoracic surgery. John’s interests correlate with his passion for philosophical, intellectual, and analytical thinking. In his free time, he enjoys talking about public policy issues such as the climate crisis, reading and watching ted talks, working out, listening to music and podcasts, traveling, and gaining more insight into the world around him and the mysteries within it. See John’s work in this course.


Thomas Redvanly headshotThomas Redvanly

Thomas Redvanly is a first-year student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and intends to study chemistry. Originally from Charlotte, NC he recently received the globally recognized International Baccalaureate Diploma. Thomas has completed novel research in physical computation biochemistry focusing on the electronic effects of agglutination among synuclein proteins. In 2020 he attended the Summer Scholars Research Program lecture series at the Winship Cancer Center at Emory University. Outside of class Thomas enjoys running and going on outdoor adventures. See Thomas’s work in this course.


Jaydesha Richardson headshot

Jaydesha Richardson

S. Jaydesha Richardson is a first year Pre-Nursing major from Louisburg, NC. Her hobbies include spending time with friends and reading. She hopes to one day become a neonatal nurse. See Jaydesha’s work in this course.



Brianna Thompson headshotBrianna Thompson

Brianna was born in Greensboro, NC; but her family is originally from the Caribbean. She is a first-year student studying Exercise and Sports Science. She enjoys playing volleyball, going on walks, shopping, and painting. Brianna eventually hopes to one day become a Physical Therapist. See Brianna’s work in this course.