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Growth in Empathy- Reflection on 11/15-11/21

November 22, 2021

Almost everyone does an interview for a project at some point in their school careers, but up until now, none have had a profound impact on how I look at the world. This week, we conducted our interviews for the … Read more

Rural Healthcare Access Inequities Overview

October 27, 2021

Images drawn by Gabi Battaglini Script: Most people think of race and poverty when thinking of healthcare inequities, but there also exists a divide between rural and urban health care access. This divide exists not only within parts of the … Read more

The “Golden Hour” and Trauma Patient Survival

September 26, 2021

Video Transcript: The lights and sirens people associate with emergency vehicles serve one main purpose: to help transport the patient to the hospital as fast and safe as possible. The length of transport time to the hospital has long been … Read more