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How A Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Helped One Woman Find Herself

November 24, 2021

How A Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Helped One Woman Find Herself The individual interviewed for this illness narrative has given express permission for this narrative to be published on our course website publicly with their full name attached. These individuals … Read more

A Week of Changes

November 8, 2021

This past week brought with it a lot of changes, both in our English class as well as life as a student here at UNC.  We ended our Social Health Sciences unit which was our second unit of the year … Read more

Low Socioeconomic Status and Obesity

October 27, 2021

    Script: Hello, my name is John, and today we will be presenting on the epidemic facing the United States known as Obesity. Statistics have proven time and time again that the United States is heavier than most other … Read more

The Beginning of Fall and the End of Unit 2

October 23, 2021

This past week the campus was full of chatter as students prepared to leave for Fall Break. Suitcases were rolled across campus as students reunited with families and friends, ready for a trip home or an adventure elsewhere. For the … Read more

Reflecting on Week 8

October 13, 2021

This week – well, this week and a half – was hectic, to say the least. In the last two classes, we were involved in workshopping the rough draft we submitted, evaluating thesis statements and condensing text. We also discussed … Read more

Moving on to Unit Two

October 3, 2021

This week was a big step for me, both in life and in ENGL 105i. On September 26th, I turned 18 and turned in my unit one project. The beginning of this week was a little stressful as we were … Read more

The Effects of Concussions on a Young Athlete’s Brain

September 27, 2021

Video Essay Transcript: Pain and Sweat on the grid-iron. Every year football athletes put their lives on the line when tackling their opponent; but football players are not the only athletes alone in the struggle. Doctors all over the world … Read more