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This past week the campus was full of chatter as students prepared to leave for Fall Break. Suitcases were rolled across campus as students reunited with families and friends, ready for a trip home or an adventure elsewhere. For the first time this season, Fall could be felt in the air. Sweaters were pulled out of the closets and students sat outside enjoying the cool air. Some classes were canceled on Wednesday to allow students time to get off campus for the break. Midterms have been completed to allow for students to have a much-needed rest.

Before Fall break started, English 105i held a class on Tuesday. Unit 2 Feeder 2.2 has been completed and feedback has already been provided. Unit 2 has been an interesting project as it provides the context of what a medical conference is like in the real world. The rough draft for the project will be due Monday, October 25 at 11:59 pm and will be peer-reviewed in class the next day. The main part that needs to be completed by Monday is an essay on the Unit 2 Project, but it is highly recommended to get the presentation script and slide completed by Monday to allow for the best possible workshop experience.

In class, we reviewed past students’ work on this unit project. We looked at the information that was effectively provided in their work. Specifically, we found the thesis and research question that was provided and how it was integrated into the project. Blue Dinosaurs looked at the article from Georges, “How Doctors use ‘Science’ to Mistreat Black Patients.” In this article, we found that it used scholarly resources to explain the context of the subject and establish the author’s credibility. We found it interesting that charts were used to explain concepts and justify Georges’ argument. At first, Blue Dinosaurs had a hard time finding a thesis but learned that a thesis could be more than one sentence, which was demonstrated in the article.

At the end of class, we had an in-class presentation exercise, in which we presented a topic of our choice in thirty seconds. After everyone had presented to at least two people a winner from each of the four groups was chosen. The four winners then went to the front of the class and explained their topic one more time. From the final presentation, Epsilon and Ducks tied for first. Class ended with an important discussion of how to have an effective presentation. The exercise helped the class determine that the information should be detailed, relevant, simple, and interesting.

Class was canceled on Thursday, October 21 for Fall Break. However, the class is well-rested and ready to return to English 105i to finalize the Unit 2 Project. The information learned over the last class periods has prepared us to successfully turn in and present the presentations. On Tuesday, October 26 we will peer review the rough draft and finalize all the elements by Thursday, October 28. As the Fall season begins, so does the business of the semester. We have officially completed Week 10 of school, with only 6 more weeks remaining before the end of the semester. The busy season has officially begun!


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