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Be sure to read the Course Schedule in its entirety, make note of assignment due dates, etc.

Any assigned reading listed for a particular date should be read prior to that day’s class session. For instance, the assigned reading from the Tar Heel Writing Guide, 2021-2022 (THWG) of Chapter 2-1 is listed for Tues. Aug. 24. This means that students should come to class on Tues. Aug. 24 having completed that reading and ready to discuss it.

All drafts and other homework (including final drafts submitted for a grade) are due the night before class by 11:59pm on the day on which they are listed. For example, the Rough Draft of Feeder 1.1 is listed below on Thurs. Sept. 2. This means that you must submit it by 11:59pm the night before on Wed. Sept. 1. For clarification and a quick list of due dates for all final drafts of graded assignments, see the “Assignment Due Dates” section listed above. Any time you submit a draft in progress, assume that we will workshop that draft in groups or partners that day in class, so always come to class ready to discuss your draft and provide thoughtful feedback to your peers on their draft.


Week 1

Thurs. Aug. 19: 

  • First class session for ENGL 105i, Sec 027
  • Introduction to the course; syllabus overview
  • Due the night before: Complete all tasks at Sakai>Start Here!


Week 2

Tues. Aug. 24:     

  • Rhetorical contexts and the writing process
  • Due the night before: Your signed Student Work Release Form for our course website (Sakai>Resources> Course Website Resources; email it to me at or give me a completed hard copy when you come to class)
  • Assigned reading:
    • ENGL 105i, Sec 027 Course Syllabus
    • THWG “Introduction”
    • THWG Ch. 2-1: “Understanding Rhetorical Knowledge through Genre Awareness”
    • THWG Ch. 2-2: “The Writing Process”
    • UNC Writing Center: “College Writing
    • Shitty First Drafts,” by Anne Lamott (Sakai>Resources>Readings)

Thurs. Aug. 26:  

  • Begin Unit 1: Writing in the Medical Sciences
  • Brainstorm UP1 topics in class
  • Due the night before:
    • Complete the UNC Libraries Plagiarism Tutorial (have proof of your completion of this tutorial forwarded to me via email at
    • Begin the process of obtaining Adobe Creative Cloud (“How to Get Adobe Creative Cloud” at Sakai>Resources>Helpful Handouts and Resources”)
  • Assigned reading:
    • THWG Ch. 1-6: “Writing in Health & Medicine”
    • THWG Ch. 1-1: “Writing in the Natural Sciences”
    • Unit 1 Assignment Prompt (Saka>Resources>Unit 1)


Week 3

Tues. Aug. 31:  

Thurs. Sept. 2:    

  • Research: evaluating and integrating outside sources
  • Best practices for peer feedback and workshopping
  • Due the night before: Feeder 1.1 Rough Draft (forum post)
  • Assigned reading:


Week 4

Tues. Sept. 7: 

Thurs. Sept. 9:

  • The structure of scholarly discourse vs. narrative discourse
  • Introductions and conclusions
  • Due the night before: Feeder 1.2 Rough Draft (forum post)
  • Assigned reading: “Anatomy of a Scholarly Article” from NCSU


Week 5

Tues. Sept. 14:  

  • Digital literacy and visual literacy; multimedia compositions
  • Looking at genre models for popular health video essays
  • Due the night before: Feeder 1.2 Final Draft, for a grade (Sakai>Assignments)
  • Assigned reading: THWG Ch. 2-5: “Digital Literacy”

Thurs. Sept. 16: 

  • How to capture and edit audio and video footage (a staff member of the Media & Design Center will visit)


Week 6

Tues. Sept. 21: 

  • Grammar, punctuation, local errors, and proofreading
  • Due the night before: Find at least one image of a (preferably funny) local error and email it to me. You can find these either online or preferably in real life and then photographed by you.
  • Assigned reading: “Grammar and Parts of Speech” PowerPoint (Sakai>Resources>Readings)

Thurs. Sept. 23:  

  • Grammar continued; sentence structure; paragraph structure
  • Due the night before: Unit Project 1 Rough Cut (forum post)
  • Assigned reading: “Sentence Structure” PowerPoint (Sakai>Resources>Readings)


Week 7

Tues. Sept. 28:

  • Begin Unit 2: Writing in the Social Health Sciences
  • In-class reflections on UP1; choose UP2 topics in class
  • Due the night before: UP1 Final Draft, for a grade (post to the course website; embed video above your video transcript)
  • Assigned reading:
    • THWG Ch. 1-2: “Writing in the Social Sciences”
    • Unit 2 Assignment Prompt (Sakai>Resources>Unit 2)

Thurs. Sept. 30: 


Week 8

Tues. Oct. 5:

  • Thesis statements; observations and interviews
  • Due the night before: Feeder 2.1 Rough Draft (forum post)

Thurs. Oct. 7:

  • Editing/condensing text; conference proposals and abstracts
  • Due the night before: Feeder 2.1 Final Draft, for a grade (Sakai>Assignments)


Week 9

Tues. Oct. 12:

  • University Day (no morning classes held)

Thurs. Oct. 14:

  • Word choice/diction, style, and tone
  • Due the night before: Feeder 2.2 Rough Draft (forum post)


Week 10

Tues. Oct. 19:

  • Looking at genre models for health justice studies
  • Due the night before: Feeder 2.2 Final Draft, for a grade (Sakai>Assignments)

Thurs. Oct. 21: 

  • Fall Break (no classes held)


Week 11

Tues. Oct. 26:

  • Oral communication and presentation strategies
  • Assigned reading: THWG Ch. 2-4: “Publishing & Presenting Your Research”
  • Due the night before: UP2 Rough Draft (forum post)

Thurs. Oct. 28:

  • UP2 In-Class Conference Presentations
  • Due the night before: UP2 Presentation Materials, for a grade (post all to the course website)


Week 12

Tues. Nov. 2:

  • Begin Unit 3: Writing in the Health Humanities
  • In-class reflections on UP2; brainstorm UP3 topics in class
  • Assigned reading:
    • THWG Ch. 1-3: “Writing in the Humanities”
    • Health Humanities Reader “Introduction” (Sakai>Resources>Unit 3)
    • Unit 3 Assignment Prompt (Sakai>Resources>Unit 3)

Thurs. Nov. 4:   

  • Illness narratives and narrative medicine
  • Due the night before: Feeder 3.1 Rough Draft (forum post)
  • Assigned reading:


Week 13

Tues. Nov. 9: 

  • Close reading techniques
  • Due the night before: Feeder 3.1 Final Draft, for a grade (Sakai>Assignments)

Thurs. Nov. 11:  

  • Descriptions and detail


Week 14

Tues. Nov. 16: 

  • Looking at genre models for illness narratives
  • Due the night before: Feeder 3.2 Rough Draft (forum post)

Thurs. Nov. 18:

  • Writing in business; creative writing
  • Due the night before: Feeder 3.2 Final Draft, for a grade (Sakai>Assignments)


Week 15

Tues. Nov. 23:

  • Comparing writing in the disciplines
  • Due the night before: Unit Project 3 Rough Draft (forum post)

Thurs. Nov. 25:

  • Thanksgiving Break (no classes held)


Week 16

Tues. Nov. 30: 

  • ENGL 105i, Sec 027, final class session
  • In-class reflections on UP3
  • Course evaluations and transfer activities
  • Due the night before:
    • UP3 Final Draft, for a grade (post to the course website)
    • All extra credit assignments



Again, there is no final exam for this course.

Final grades for ENGL 105i, Sec 027 will be reported by 5:00pm on Fri. Dec. 3.

Note: Remember to look at the “Course Blog Post Assignment Prompt” (Sakai>Resources>Course Website Resources; also posted to the Home page of this site) and make a note of when your individual blog post is due throughout the semester.


Final Notes:

I reserve the right to make changes to this syllabus as needed, including assignment due dates or reading assignments as listed in the above Course Schedule. It is very likely that small secondary readings will be added to various days listed above. These changes will be announced and shared with the entire class as early as possible.

For every class session, I will post a lesson plan as a Google Doc on Sakai at Resources>In-Class Activities. You do not need to access these before each class, but you should have access to them during that class session and should refer to them afterwards, especially if you miss that class. The end of each lesson plan will list homework for the next class session. You should always refer to that document for any adjustments, additions, etc. to this Course Schedule.

All students are responsible for knowing and abiding by all policies, dates, and other expectations listed in this syllabus.


Note: This online iteration of the syllabus and course schedule is the unofficial version of the course syllabus for Section 027 of ENGL 105i, Fall 2021, taught by Paul Blom at UNC. Some information, such as contact info, has been redacted from this public, online version of the syllabus. The official syllabus for our specific section has been formally submitted to the University and is also available as a Word document on our Sakai course site under “Resources.” If you are a student, be sure to refer to the official version of the syllabus that has been shared with you for specific information. But also be sure to bookmark the link to this public-facing course website, especially the information in this course syllabus for easy future reference.


For more information about the course, especially a showcase of student work, explore the rest of this website.