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Week 16: Wrapping it all up

May 7, 2021

At this point in the semester, we are all done with everything pertaining to this course. No more feeders, unit projects, workshops, all the things we got in such a regular schedule of doing. In fact at the time I’m … Read more

Week 15: The Final Hour

May 4, 2021

As I am writing this there are currently 3 days left in the Spring 2021 semester. It’s the time where everyone is trying to get over their burnout and push through for finals. Looking back at my experiences in ENGL … Read more

Week 15: The Final Countdown

May 2, 2021

With less than a week left in the semester, the summer breeze and excitement for the conclusion of the first year of college for the freshman class is heavy in the COVID free air. Soon the restlessness of being locked … Read more

Week 14: Finals Looming and Summer Nearing

April 25, 2021

As the last weeks of the semester wind down and finals approach, big assignment deadlines are coming up in all classes, work is piling up, and stress is most definitely high. In ENGL 105i specifically, our final unit project deadline … Read more

The Home Stretch

April 20, 2021

Like the last fifteen meters of a 100 meter sprint, the final few weeks of class are always hardest. The finish line is in sight, but the burnout is a struggle to overcome nonetheless. A friend of mine made a … Read more