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Important University Dates:

  • Tues. Jan. 19: FDOC (first day of classes); ENGL 105i, Sec 025 first class session
  • Mon. Feb. 15: Wellness Day (no classes held)
  • Tues. Feb. 16: Wellness Day (no classes held)
  • Thurs. March 11: Wellness Day (no classes held)
  • Fri. March 12: Wellness Day (no classes held)
  • Fri. April 2: Holiday (no classes held)
  • Mon. April 5: Wellness Day (no classes held)
  • Tues. May 4: ENGL 105i, Sec 025 final class session
  • Wed. May 5: LDOC (last day of classes)
  • Fri. May 7: Final grades for ENGL 105i, Sec 025 reported

Note: There is no final exam for this course.


Assignment Due Dates:

  • Feeder 1.1: Thurs. Feb. 4
  • Feeder 1.2: Thurs. Feb. 11
  • Unit Project 1: Thurs. Feb. 25
  • Feeder 2.1: Tues. March 9
  • Feeder 2.2: Thurs. March 18
  • Unit Project 2 script: Thurs. April 1
  • Unit Project 2 video: Sat. April 3
  • Feeder 3.1: Thurs. April 8
  • Feeder 3.2: Tues. April 20
  • Unit Project 3: Tues. May 4
  • All Extra Credit: Tues. May 4
  • Course Blog Post: TBD (See “Course Blog Post Assignment Prompt” on Sakai at “Resources” and then in a subfolder labeled “Course Website Resources” for the deadline for your individual blog post.)

Note: Typically, all assignments will be submitted electronically. The due dates listed above are for the final drafts of each of these assignments. You will be expected to complete and turn in earlier drafts of all of these assignments throughout the semester. Unless otherwise specified, all assignments and drafts are due by 12:00pm on the given due date, as are all daily homework assignments. Late submission of drafts will severely affect your grades. See the “Evaluation and Grading” section of this syllabus regarding late submission of graded assignments.



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