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In addition to various handouts or other resources I will post to our Sakai course site, there are a wide variety of resources to help you succeed in this class and beyond.

For all aspects of technical support, visit the IT Help Desk at or call 1.919.962.HELP.

The UNC Writing Center, located in SASB North and in Greenlaw Hall, Room 221, offers free tutoring services for students. You may visit the Writing Center to ask for help with a specific paper, whether you are concerned with developing ideas and content, organizing your assignment, or working on style issues. To make an appointment, browse the Writing Center’s online resources, or send a draft online, please go to To make the best use of your time there, please bring a copy of both your assignment sheet and your draft with you. The Writing Center will not proofread papers or discuss grades with you. The Writing Center also has an excellent array of tips and tools at

Additionally, the Purdue Online Writing Lab ( and your textbook, Tar Heel Writing Guide, 2020-2021, are fantastic resources for learning more about mechanics, style, grammar, and citations. I’d also be happy to recommend other useful style guides, tools, reference materials, etc. if you ask.

The sister organization to the UNC Writing Center is the UNC Learning Center, which offers valuable resources for all other learning-related issues or needs, including tips for adjusting to college life, study strategies, and time-management skills:

The UNC Libraries also have amazing resources and dedicated, knowledgeable individuals who will assist you with your research: This includes one-on-one consultations with a librarian who can assist you in forming or executing a research plan. These consultations are specifically for ENGL105 students and can be extremely valuable.

Adjusting to remote learning can be challenging, and I recognize that. I have added a number of resources for remote or online learning to Sakai at Resources>Zoom Resources, which includes tips and guides for using Zoom as well as various resources for adjusting to remote learning. See also the Student Care Hub at and the UNC Libraries’ page on distance education at

I also want to call attention to the Academic Advising Program, which provides academic advising for undergraduate students at UNC. They are here to guide you and assist with planning your academic career and course-planning needs at UNC, but they are also highly connected with the rest of the university community and may be able to connect you with other resources for preparing for your future goals and/or addressing your current needs or problems.

For resources on undergraduate research, including mentors, workshops, handouts, and opportunities to present or even publish your work, see the Office for Undergraduate Research (OUR) at, especially their pages on presentation opportunities and on getting published.

For a thorough and updated list of campus resources, click here. For a list of student resources especially related to COVID-19 (including support resources, off-campus leases, etc.), click here.

As an instructor, I aim to challenge you to grow and excel, but I am also dedicated to providing support to my students in times of crisis or other extenuating circumstances. It is important that you know that I have received the following training so that you feel comfortable coming to me if you feel it necessary. Although I aspire to challenge you towards intellectual growth, I feel that my role is also one of support and guidance. Please know that I am here to advocate for your success and personal well-being. To support such growth and health, I have completed the following training sessions so that I might be better equipped to support you in times of need:


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