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ENGL 105i: Writing in Health and Medicine, Online Syllabus

Section 025 – Spring 2021 – T, Th – 3:30pm-4:45pm eastern time – Online, synchronous class via Zoom

Students should attend all class sessions via the Zoom link posted to Sakai under “Resources.”

Our class section has been provided a unique link. Do not share this link with anyone outside of our specific class section.


“Words—so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.”

—Nathaniel Hawthorne


Please Note:

Any references I make to specific times (class sessions, meetings, conferences, deadlines, etc.) will always be in eastern standard time. This applies to anything in this syllabus and anything I say in class, post to Sakai, send via email, etc. If you are studying remotely outside of that time zone, please calculate accordingly.

I reserve the right to make changes to this syllabus as needed, including assignment due dates or reading assignments as listed in the Course Schedule. It is very likely that small secondary readings will be added to various days listed in the schedule. These changes will be announced and shared with the entire class as early as possible.

For every class session, I will post a lesson plan as a Google Doc on Sakai at Resources>In-Class Activities. You do not need to access these before each class, but you should have access to them during that class session and should refer to them afterwards, especially if you miss that class. The end of each lesson plan will list homework for the next class session. You should always refer to that document for any adjustments, additions, etc. to the Course Schedule listed in this syllabus.



Note: This online iteration of the syllabus and schedule is the unofficial version of the course syllabus for Section 025 of ENGL 105i, Spring 2021, taught by Paul Blom at UNC. Some information, such as contact info or the link to our Zoom meeting room, has been redacted from this public, online version of the syllabus. The official syllabus for our specific section has been formally submitted to the University and is also available as a Word document on our Sakai course site under “Resources.” If you are a student, be sure to refer to the official version of the syllabus that has been shared with you for specific information such as links to Zoom meeting rooms, etc.


All students are responsible for knowing and abiding by all policies, dates, and other expectations listed in the official syllabus.


For more information about the course, especially a showcase of student work, explore the rest of this website.


Be sure to read the syllabus in its entirety by reading all of the items in the drop-down menu.


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