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Health Humanities Journal Exhibition reflection

May 4, 2021

It was very interesting to hear this presentation of stories during the Health Humanities Journal exhibition. There was a wide variety of stories tell, but most of them linked their own personal experiences to the health profession. There were stories … Read more

Mutation: The Road to Evolution

May 4, 2021

In I am Legend by Richard Matheson, Robert Neville struggles with a swarm of infected humans that constantly try to take him out. These beings exist at night, and their sole purpose is to feast on blood, making them modern … Read more

Palliative Care: A New Alternative to the End

February 25, 2021

The diagnosis of a terminal illness is a scary time for thousands of people a year. By receiving such a diagnosis, the end is almost certainly near, and the options for patients are limited. Palliative care is slowly turning into … Read more

Week 5: A Week of Wellness

February 24, 2021

This week began with relaxation, as having Monday and Tuesday off as wellness days allowed me and my friends to refocus our attention away from school and on ourselves. It did feel empty not having to wake up for classes … Read more