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Week 13: Pollen-Covered Hecticness

April 20, 2021

With only three weeks left until finals and the end of the semester, most students are looking forward to wrapping up and finishing the semester strong, and hoping that their GPA didn’t take too big of a hit. It was … Read more

Money = Power… This Should Change

April 1, 2021

Hello everyone! My name is Harshita Gudipudi, and today I will be discussing the effects of socioeconomic status on access to healthcare. While this is a global issue, I will only be focusing on North Carolina in this presentation. I … Read more

Week 9: Getting Back In Business

March 23, 2021

Coming off a long break is never easy, but coming out of a four-day weekend and jumping right into midterms can make getting back into the swing of things especially hard. I can’t say that the wellness days this past … Read more

Week 8: Time to Refresh

March 15, 2021

Is anyone else eternally grateful for the wellness weekends built into this semester? Last week was particularly tough, and I for one was ready for a break. With many of us having midterms (chemistry for me), Thursday and Friday were … Read more

Week 6: Look How Far We Have Come

February 27, 2021

They say time flies when you are busy. Whether you realized it or not, we have completed one-third of the Spring semester. Good job, everyone, on pushing through! Our classes last week were all canceled due to wellness day and … Read more

Palliative Care: A New Alternative to the End

February 25, 2021

The diagnosis of a terminal illness is a scary time for thousands of people a year. By receiving such a diagnosis, the end is almost certainly near, and the options for patients are limited. Palliative care is slowly turning into … Read more