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The Wrong Equality?

May 5, 2021

      Kurt Vonnegut dreamed up a world where everyone was equal. After experiencing a post-WWII America involved in constant war and paranoia, he wanted a world full of pacifism and equality ( However, he also understood the dangers … Read more

Week 13: Pollen-Covered Hecticness

April 20, 2021

With only three weeks left until finals and the end of the semester, most students are looking forward to wrapping up and finishing the semester strong, and hoping that their GPA didn’t take too big of a hit. It was … Read more

Ractopamine: The Chemical Americans Unknowingly Eat

February 25, 2021

Although Americans and Europeans share fairly similar cuisines, American pork recipes may contain an extra sprinkle of carcinogen. Ractopamine, a chemical commonly used in the American pork industry to produce leaner pigs more quickly, is thought to have the potential … Read more