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I cannot stress enough the need for clear communication. I will work hard to clearly communicate all assignment schedules and expectations along with any changes or adjustments made to our Course Schedule and to remind you regularly of upcoming assignment due dates, etc., primarily through our Google Doc lesson plans (Sakai>Resources>In-Class Activities). It is your responsibility, however, to take careful notes in class and to check your email and our course Sakai page for updates and announcements. If you miss a class session, it is your responsibility to reach out to me or your classmates to find out what information you missed, including upcoming assignments, changes to the syllabus, etc.

Additionally, if you are experiencing larger issues that are affecting your performance as a student or your college life in general, please feel free to reach out to me directly or to contact various on-campus resources that can assist you, including the resources mentioned above in the “Course Policies” or “Course Resources” section of this syllabus as well as the Dean of StudentsCampus Health Services, and the Office of Campus Safety. These resources can offer assistance and support and, at your discretion, can communicate your situation to your instructors through an official capacity. UNC is a very supportive academic environment; we all genuinely want each of you to succeed, but no one can help you if you don’t reach out, to me or to those other resources.

UNC faculty and staff are committed to provide an engaging, collaborative, and safe learning environment, independent of the mode of teaching. Due to the uncertainty of the current health environment, guidelines and modes of instruction might change during the semester. Please understand that any changes during the ongoing semester are made with your safety and health in mind, as well as the safety of UNC faculty and staff. Especially this semester, it is important to actively read and observe any communication that is sent from UNC or your instructor, so you can make adjustments as needed and not miss any class time. Please also inform your instructor(s) and department if anything changes on your end, if you’re experiencing difficulties, etc.

If you need help, ASK! If you are falling behind or need extra help or have concerns about our classroom environment, please let me know. We can discuss brief concerns before or after class, and we can have an extended conversation and/or conference during my office hours. To schedule an appointment, please email me at


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(Be sure to read the Course Schedule and make note of assignment due dates, etc.)