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As I am writing this there are currently 3 days left in the Spring 2021 semester. It’s the time where everyone is trying to get over their burnout and push through for finals. Looking back at my experiences in ENGL 105i I see flashes of things I could have done better, things that I am proud of, and everything in between.

This class has taught me the importance of shitty first drafts. There were times this semester where I did not put as much effort into my feeder drafts as I should have, which led to me struggling when I was writing my final feeder. I learned the benefits of putting actual effort and truly getting everything out in one’s first draft because when I did this I would see better results in my final feeder grades. I not only was able to develop as a writer by getting constructive criticism but also giving constructive criticism. This is important because when I receive help on something I should be able to return the favor, so they are able to develop their writing as well.

Procrastination has been a big problem in my school career. Throughout high school, I was a big procrastinator, but I always got good results, so it never seemed like the wrong thing to do because I never got a bad result from this practice. When I started ENGL 105i I realized the importance of time management. Don’t get me wrong I have had moments of procrastination in this class even with this final project I had a hard time even starting. Through this class, I realized that I have the mentality of “If I start something new I have to finish it in the same sitting.”Once I realized this mentality I knew I had to change the way I do things because this type of thinking is not sustainable. In feeder 1.1 and 1.2 I procrastinated and it showed in my grades, as the semester progressed I got better at working on assignments in increments.

For the past week, the main focus of class has been to work and develop our 3.2 Feeder into a script that we can use for our video essay. The video essay is new to me, I have minimal experience in video making, and the experience I do have is for less serious projects. The act of finding video clips and photos from a variety of sources and stringing them together in hopes that they provide the watcher with an accurate and eloquent picture of the short story is definitely a new challenge to me, but it was one that I enjoyed working through.

In the world right now India is having a massive surge of COVID-19. This COVID-19 surge is especially difficult for India because of its lack of infrastructure in rural areas for the vaccine, medical treatment, and cremation supplies. All of my family lives in India, so this makes me especially nervous for them because there is not much that I can do on my end other than advocate and donate, so it makes me feel helpless. However, my family is taking the necessary precautions to protect themselves, so I have hope that they will be okay.

Overall I am proud of the skills that I have developed from ENGL 105i and am ready to use these skills in the future and in the upcoming in-person Fall 2021 semester!


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