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With less than a week left in the semester, the summer breeze and excitement for the conclusion of the first year of college for the freshman class is heavy in the COVID free air. Soon the restlessness of being locked up in our dorms due to COVID restrictions will melt away under the summer sun. As we are all released for our first summer break as college students in a rather strange year. But as of now, we have but one more task to complete, and it will undoubtedly be the most ambitious and most creative project that some of us have ever done before. With everyone being energized and motivated to conclude the semester, this project will undoubtedly be the most exciting yet!


Following our drafting of the storyboard in preparation for our video essay, apprehension was definitely in the air in those breakout rooms. Everyone is more or less new to Adobe Premiere Pro. To the whole concept of editing video and audio, it was clear that everyone was nervous about this final project. With only a day of class dedicated to learning and understanding the software, it was ultimately up to us to take the extra step in understanding this software further, whether that be watching YouTube videos on the subject, doing the built-in tutorial, or if you are like me- just tinkering with it to see what happens. No matter how we figured it out, one thing remains constant. That is the anxiety at making this video essay come out with exceptional quality!


This past Thursday, we meet in our breakout rooms in class, discussing possible improvements and ideas for inspiring ourselves to better our project. Much chatter was heard amongst the breakout rooms and a combination of sleep deprivation for those overhauling their work the night before the due date. Despite this challenging task that we have been presented to take on, I am confident that we will come out on top no matter what! As we edge closer to the end of the semester, which is shockingly only a few days away, we can now stop and reflect on what we have done. Up to this point, we have written impressive medical essays reflecting on a topic of our choice, held a conference discussing our social health issues on a wide variety of issues. All that is left is this last video essay which is ultimately the combination of the prior two assignments put into one. I find that all of us are very capable of doing with the remaining few days we have left. We got this!


In conclusion, this has been an exhilarating and work-filled week for everyone as there is so much to do in the final days of the semester ranging from the finals study grind to preparing for the big move from each of our dorms; for those attending in-person that is! It indeed has been a fun semester with everyone, and I hope that your summer turns out to be something quite memorable! Let’s make the remainder of 2021 COVID free!


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