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Hello Tarheels! My name is Brooke Gruber and I am a senior from Jacksonville, North Carolina. I am majoring in psychology, and hope to earn a Master’s in Forensic Legal Psychology. I hope to work for a government agency, like the FBI or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, after earning my degree. I chose to major in psychology because I have always had a passion for serving others as well as speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. I transferred from the United States Military Academy at West Point in Fall 2020, where I served in the Army. This past semester, I was involved in a group research project last semester through a clinical research course where we studied “Overt Intentional Aggression in Relation to Family Structure Amongst Middle School Aged Adolescents”. In this project, we analyzed the effect that family structure had on overt intentional aggression and relationship moderators using SPSS. It was an amazing experience to partner alongside Dr. Yaros from the Research Triangle Institute and to use data that she had been collecting for years to design our own research question. While I am a department Ambassador, I also am a JEDI Teaching Subcommittee Student Ambassador where I join leaders from the psychology department to give a student perspective about specific issues involving diversity and inclusion. I am a Peer2Peer student responder, podcasting chair for Active Minds, Actively Moving Forward Club Vice President of Programs, and am an executive board member for A Moment of Magic Foundation (where I play as “Sofia the First”). Some of my hobbies include singing, working out, watching psychological thrillers, and hanging out on Franklin with friends. I am honored to be a part of this team, please message me with any questions!