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What is the Carolina Psychology and Neuroscience Mentorship Program?

The Carolina Psychology and Neuroscience Mentorship Program is a flagship program from the Psychology and Neuroscience department that aims to connect successful upperclassmen to interested undergraduate students in a structured mentorship program. We aim to encourage engagement within the department, expand students’ networks and create a stronger student community within the Psychology and Neuroscience department.


What are the eligibility requirements to be a mentor?

To apply as a mentor you must be either a Junior or Senior pursuing either a Psychology and Neuroscience B.S. or B.A. with at least a major GPA of 2.5. Preference will be given to people with research experience, previous mentorship experience, and people who have shown consistent involvement with the Psychology and Neuroscience department. 

You can apply as a mentee at any year as long as you are pursuing either a Psychology or Neuroscience B.S. or B.A!


How to get involved?

If you are interested in joining this program feel free to email our mentoring chairs! The deadline to apply as a mentor is has passed for the Spring 2022 semester but mentees will be accepted on a rolling basis. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at or fill out this form.