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Hi! My name is McKenzie Elias and I am a junior from Roanoke Rapids, NC. I am a Psychology B.S. major and plan to apply to Physician’s Assistant school after completing my undergraduate studies at UNC. I came into UNC as a Nursing major as my mom and cousin are both nurses as well so I felt as if that was the path I should also choose, but quickly discovered my passion for Psychology after taking a few classes and changed my major and career paths. I have taken a wide range of Psychology courses and have enjoyed every single one as I find the material extremely interesting and applicable to many areas of life! I am a member of Psi Chi, the Psychology National Honors Society, and the Carolina Health Samaritan Society on campus! I also became involved with a club called Triangle Youth Wellness last year where I was able to obtain my Mental Health First Aid Certification. In my free time, I enjoy going on walks, traveling with friends and family, and trying new foods. I love meeting new people and am happy to talk or answer any questions that you may have!