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My name is Hanna Nettles and I’m from Kitty Hawk, NC on the Outer Banks. I’m a senior studying Psychology B.S. with a double minor in Chemistry and Neuroscience. As a pre-medicine student, I thought that my choice for a major at UNC was between Biology and Chemistry, both of which I didn’t feel a strong connection with. Through UNC I became confident and informed enough to choose my topics of study based on my interests and haven’t looked back since! My interests in psychology and neuroscience have led me to research labs, extracurriculars, and even my own Senior Honors Thesis project! After graduation, I plan on taking a gap year to work as an Emergency Medical Technician and continue research in my current lab at UNC. In my free time,I like to cook comfort foods, dance with my roommates, and read for my two book clubs. I’m always happy to talk about my experience at UNC or answer any questions so feel free to reach out!