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Hi! My name is Tianyi Li, a junior double majoring in Psychology B.S. and Statistics B.S. I’m an international student from China. I’ve been interested in psychology since high school when I fell in love with the feeling of being empowered while empowering others during volunteering work. During college, I kept pursuing my dream and gradually narrowed down my interest towards the influences of family on child and adolescent development. This has led me to my current RA position in the CIRCLE lab where I started to conduct my own research project on these topics. I’m currently volunteering as a peer mentor for FindSelf, an online platform offering psychological support, and as a hotline operator for KAN-WIN, a non-profit organization fighting against gender-based violence including domestic violence and sexual assault. After graduation, I aim to apply for a graduate program in child and adolescent clinical psychology and become a clinical psychologist. As an international student, it took me plenty of time and effort to adapt to my life here and explore what I’m truly passionate about. I was lucky to receive great help and support from various people and now I’m more than willing to help and support others in all aspects. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns, or just want to find someone to talk!