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We here at the Psychology and Neuroscience ambassadors would like to welcome our new members! With the last application, our organization has grown to 39 members with this new incoming class of mentors! We received many competitive applications so we wanted to take the time to congratulate our new members! Below are all of the members of our program! Again, congratulations to our wonderful ambassadors and mentors!


Brayden Priebe
Brooke Gruber
Austin Geer
Maria Phelps
Aparna Sudhakar
Hanna Nettles
Joshua Zachariah
Eliza Kondek
Amber McFerren
Anna Van
Andrea Santiago
Morgan Johnson
Tianyi Li
Melissa Renee Smith
Jillian Whitener
Ruei Sheu
Riley Hatcher
Daniel Reich
Caroline Vincent
Krystajah Davis
Rachael Fisher
Mckenzie Elias
Peyton Cox
Lindsay Kirby
Kristina Vaher
Bennett Jones
Weezie Targgart
Gabriella Keller
Sree Gogineni
Olivia Brockman
Valerie Girgis
Sarah Barnes
Blake Sutherland



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