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This is a test post and placeholder until students begin posting work here. My content (the script for my voice-over narration of my video essay) is here. (This is an improved, adjusted version of Feeder 3.2. What is written here should match with whatever is said in my narration in my embedded video essay; that way, this written text functions as a transcript of my video above.)

Here’s another paragraph.

And another.

If I will ever reference any sources, including my primary source (the short story I’m discussing), this transcript will include appropriate parenthetical citations

Now, I’m at the end of my video essay.


Works Cited [note that in MLA, the bibliography is labeled as Works Cited rather than References]

Full bibliographic citations (in MLA 8th edition format) for all sources cited in my presentation. This includes the short story I’m discussing, any outside sources used to provide context/background info, AND all of the images, video clips, songs, etc. that are integrated into my video essay. They’re all listed here together in alphabetical order according to how each bibliographic citation begins, except for the Featured Image; that citation is still separate and at the very bottom of the post.

Another citation.

And so on.



Featured Image Source:

Google Images, Creative Commons license

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