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Week 11 of ENGL 105i was a very busy and productive week as we wrapped up our Unit 2 projects. This week has definitely been one of the more busier weeks in ENGL 105i. The project that we had just completed had taken a toll on everyone because there was a lot of work that was needed to be done for that project. Outside of the classroom, this past week has been very interesting in the weather. One day it was beautiful and sunny, the next day it was rainy, the day after that it was just gloomy, and this past weekend it was freezing on Friday and Saturday, and then Sunday it was nice and sunny. I think that is the most accurate description of North Carolina weather because you never know what to expect.

When reflecting on the schoolwork that we had completed this past week, it was heavily focused on finalizing out Unit 2 projects. On Tuesday, March 30 our second rough draft of our script was due and then the final script was due on Thursday, April 1. Following up on that final script due date, we also had to include a video presentation that was due two days later on Saturday, April 3. While it was a very busy week, I think the quality of the work that was put into all of the feeders and drafts, reflected in the final projects. Throughout this specific unit, we were able to receive a great amount of feedback from our peers which really benefited me in knowing how to edit my final script. In filming the video presentation portion of the UP2 project, it was different for me because this is the first time I have ever had to film myself giving a presentation. I am more used to giving a presentation in person, so recording myself talking was interesting. The only benefit when recording yourself giving a presentation is that you can record yourself multiple times if you were to mess up.

In class on Thursday, we had talked about what we are going to be doing in Unit 3. Unit 3 is called “Writing in the Humanities” and I am really curious to see how this unit goes. I am excited for Unit 3 because it will help me gain some more writing skills. During class we had picked which short story we wanted to focus on for UP3. It was a tough decision to choose which story to focus on, but in the end I had chosen “What We Talk about When We Talk about Love” by Raymond Carver. I had decided on this because I have never read it and reading the brief description online had made it sound really interesting and perfect for this unit. Feeder 3.1 is due on Tuesday, April 6 which is mind blowing because we have already reached the beginning of the final unit.

Outside of class, many more people have been getting vaccinated which is a good sign because we all want to return to Chapel Hill in the fall and get back to having normal in-person classes. Personally, I got my second dose of the vaccine on Friday, April 3 so now I am fully vaccinated which feels like a big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. While there are many things to look forward to as more and more people are getting vaccinated, it is still apparent that students are very burnt out from school and are just looking forward to the summer.


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