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Now or Later? Is the First Available Covid Vaccine Worth It?

September 28, 2021

  Video Transcript: The Coronavirus pandemic has been one of the most devastating, controversial, and eye-opening events in this world’s history. March 2020 was when everyone in America had their lives flipped upside down. Schools were shut down and converted … Read more

The Effects of Concussions on a Young Athlete’s Brain

September 27, 2021

Video Essay Transcript: Pain and Sweat on the grid-iron. Every year football athletes put their lives on the line when tackling their opponent; but football players are not the only athletes alone in the struggle. Doctors all over the world … Read more

Can Genetic Variants Alter Dietary Intake?

September 27, 2021

Genetic Variants Linked to Differences in Food Intake: Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in 2018 found that the prevalence of obesity in American adults was 42.7% (Hales et al. 2018). This national epidemic has led to … Read more

Creatine supplementation: for more than muscles

September 27, 2021

Pre-workout, protein powder, creatine. Speak with any frequent gym-goer, and these terms will likely come up. Nutritional supplements are very popular in bodybuilding and other high-intensity athletic endeavors for their physical performance benefits, but new research suggests creatine can do … Read more

Restoring Vision to the Blind

September 27, 2021

    One in three individuals have some type of reduced vision disease by the age of sixty-five (Quillen 1999). In fact, it is so common that most people just expect they will lose their vision if they get old … Read more

Mechanical Ventilators – Saving Lives, but at what Cost?

September 27, 2021

During March of 2020, as the devastating coronavirus began sweeping the nation, the healthcare community was sent into a tailspin as it became clear that the nation did not have enough ventilators to care for the skyrocketing number of COVID-19 … Read more