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The individual[s] interviewed for this illness narrative [has/have] given express permission for this narrative to be published on our course website [publicly/accessible only to the UNC community/protected with a password/privately], [with their full name attached/with their name (and any other identifying details) replaced, changed, or removed]. These individuals understand that they can alter these permissions at any time.


This is a test post and placeholder until students begin posting work here. The content of my illness narrative is here. Note that it begins with a disclaimer above about permissions granted by the people being interviewed, etc.

Here’s another paragraph.

And another.

Now I’m at the end of my illness narrative.


Works Cited

Full bibliographic citations (in MLA 8th edition format) for all sources cited in my illness narrative, including a bibliographic citation for the interview(s) I’ve conducted.

Another citation.

And so on.



Featured Image Source:

Google Images, Creative Commons license


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