About the Design

Designed and Illustrated by Xiaowei Wu

My design explores “the canonical” visual presentation of Chinese food: the bird’s eye view of a dining table full of signature dishes from various regional cuisines. Motivated by the conference’s interest in the spatial and temporal continuities and discontinuities marking Chinese food culture, this design focuses on a small slice of modern Chinese food and foodways that have been informed by my own local and personal culinary experiences.

Considering the question “what marks Chinese food as modern,” the illustration stylistically plays with the idea of temporal doubleness. The illustrations show contemporary dishes drawn in the style of baimiao, a traditional Chinese painting technique of solely using thin ink lines without any color or wash, that have been digitally retraced and recolored.

What’s on the table?

廣式腸粉 Cantonese Rice Noodle Roll

餃子 Dumplings

蓮藕排骨湯 Lotus Root and Pork Ribs Soup

玉米排骨湯 Sweet Corn Pork Ribs Soup

牛肉湯面 Beef Noodle Soup

桂林米粉 Guilin Rice Noodles

炒上海青 Stir-fried Bok Choy

蒜茸炒芥蘭 Garlic Fried Chinese Kale

醋溜土豆絲 Crunchy Potato Stir-fry with Vinegar

紅燒肉 Braised Pork Belly

蝦仁炒飯 Shrimp Fried Rice

臺式滷肉香腸飯 Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice with Sausage