Home Cooking


小高姐的 Magic Ingredients   youtube, CH/EN

Miss Gao is a home cook who specializes in northern Chinese cuisine – lots of flour-based recipes. She is from Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, and she has left her hometown for over 10 years. Her videos in Chinese (but all with English subtitles) are beloved by an international audience with over 2 million subscribers on Youtube.



Cooking with Ling (Chinese Healthy Cook)    blog, youtube, EN/CH

When growing up in Sichuan, China, Ling’s inspired by her grandma and mom to cook home meals. She started her YouTube channel over nine years ago to share her easy home cooking recipes, from her hometown Sichuan food to other Chinese and Asian cuisines as well as her interpretation of the popular Chinese takeout in US where she’s been living. Her recipes reflect her cooking with love of food and fresh ingredients. Her videos are mostly filmed in English with Chinese subtitles available.

Elaine Luo – China Sichuan Food    blog, youtube, EN

China Sichuan food is ranked with the wok of life to be one of the most popular food blogs for Chinese food with a focus on Sichuan food but includes other regional cuisines. Elaine is the creator behind the blog, whom has always been fascinated with food growing up in Sichuan. She spent a lot of time traveling around China and learning other regional cuisines including Shanxi and Cantonese cuisine.



Lisa Lin & Mama Lin – Healthy Nibbles    blog, youtube, EN

Raised in San Francisco, Lisa Lin is the voice behind the website Healthy Nibbles. She often shares cooking videos on Instagram (@hellolisalin) featuring her sassy mother, Mama Lin. Through her website and cooking videos, Lisa hopes to honor the food and traditions that surrounded her Chinese American upbringing.
Red Curry Wonton Soup with Zucchini Noodles
Red Curry Wonton Soup with Zucchini Noodles


jin的美食    youtube, CH/EN

Jin’s takes on home-cooked meals (家常菜) are focused on making them healthy. With less sugar and fatty ingredients, she aims to provide recipes for every home cook to try.



美味小舍    youtube, CH

小舍 is a home cook based in China, her recipes are focused on northern Chinese cooking.