Abstracts and Videos

PANEL 1: Circulation, Exchange, Mobilities

China Among Others: Mutual Shaping of Foodways in Eastern Asia
E.N. Anderson

How Did Milk Become Ethnic Food in China?
Miranda Brown

Japanese Cuisine in Urban Chinese Foodways
James Farrer and Chuanfei Wang

PANEL 2: Commodities, Political Economy, Industrialization 

Counting Carnivores: Who Ate Meat in Republican China
Thomas Dubois

Five Years of Tea Exports Equals 20,000 Tractors: Industrialization and Political Economy of Tea Production in Socialist China
Alexander Day

Teach a Farmer How to Farm: Skills and Knowledge in Taiwan’s Tea Industry in the 20th Century
Lawrence Zhang

The Becoming of Modern Chinese Soy Sauce (ca.1800-1930)
Angela Leung

PANEL 3: Taste, Aesthetics, Ethics

Food Lovers and Various Competing Discourses on Tastes and Cuisine in 20th Century China: A Professionalization in Progress?
Françoise Sabban

Flavor as Nourishment: Qualities and Efficacies
Lili Lai

Alcohol in Chinese Religious Discourse
Vincent Goossaert

PANEL 4: Scientific Food Futures

Dietary Supplements in Republican China: Boosting Vigor by Synthesizing Old and New
Hilary Smith

The Human-Nonhuman Entanglement of Chinese Foodways: Technologies, Logistics, and Changing Food Practices in Urban China
Fan Yang

Swine Surveillance and Digital Pork: The Emergence of Platform Capitalism in China’s Industrial Meat Regime
Mindi Schneider

PANEL 5: Overseas Chinese

Gastrodiplomacy: Food and the Making of America’s Special Relationship with China
Heather Lee

Intimate Publics: Food and Sociality in Chino Latino Restaurants
Lok Siu

Colonialism, Warfare, Migration, and Ethnicity in the Diaspora Pan-Chinese Cuisine
David Wu

A Culinary Time Warp: A Historical Sketch of Chinese Food in Australia
Cecilia Leong-Salobir

PANEL 6: Culinary Regionalism and Culinary Nationalism

Migration, Politics and Changing Culinary Hierarchy: Evolving Chinese Regional Food in Taiwan since the Postwar Period
Yujen Chen

Research Review of Chinese Food Studies in Modern Japan
Hongcheng Zhou

Pigs from the Ancestors: Cantonese Ancestral Rites, Pork Division, and the Gender Revolution
James Watson