What constitutes modern Chinese food and foodways? And who are the people playing an integral role in shaping our contemporary ideas about Chinese food and foodways? With the popularization of social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook, blogs, and podcasts, the space of authority for defining Chinese food has become increasingly democratized. Regardless of qualifications or occupations, everyone has the power to create content that shapes popular understandings of modern Chinese foodways.

Modern media on Chinese food is dynamic, polyphonic, and fascinating. Our sampling of Chinese and English digital resources is not and cannot be definitive, given how much and how quickly people are generating material on Chinese food and foodways. We have chosen to organize our curated list of digital resources by content creators: chefshome cooksfood bloggers/foodiesjournalists/food writersacademics, and crowd-sourced platforms. Also included is a list of  documentaries on Chinese food. Our hope is that this collection will help illuminate the many different ways in which ideas about modern Chinese food and foodways are being generated, shared, and adapted today.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any specific content on this shared list of resources. Please contact the creators directly if you have concerns/questions about content. 

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