Crowdsourcing Platforms


Subtle Asian Cooking    blog, instagram, EN

Subtle Asian Cooking started out as a Facebook group to allow Asians and non-Asians to share recipes, learn to cook, and educate each other about Asian food. They have an active community with over 300k+ members on Facebook and over 20k following on instagram.


Zoey Gong – Five Seasons TCM    blog, instagram, CH/EN

Zoey founded Five Seasons TCM a platform to allow people to learn more about traditional chinese medicine and incorporate it into food. It is a beautifully curated site with unqiue recipes with references to the health benefits and seasonality of ingredients.



楊桃美食網    blog, youtube, CH

楊桃美食網 is A Taiwanese website repository of different Chinese recipes for home cooks.



下厨房    blog, CH

This is one of the most popular platform in China for food recipes, where most food content creators share their recipes here.



美食台    youtube, CH

美食台 is a digital media company for a variety of different recipes primarily for the Chinese audience. The majority of their recipes are about Chinese cooking. To represent Chinese food from a variety of regions, they invite highly ranked chefs from different regions of China to share their recipes and cooking techniques.