My research is in Mirror Symmetry. Currently I am looking at generalised Kummer varieties and stringy E-polynomials.

I passed my qualifying exams in Algebra(83/100), Analysis(68/80), and Geometry-Topology(52/80).


Master’s thesis written at NYU under the supervision of Prof Yuri Tschinkel based on his paper with Maxim Kontsevich and Vasily Pestun: Equivariant Birational Types

Course Projects

MATH 751(Introduction to Partial Differential Equations) under Prof Jeremy Marzuola: The Weinstein argument and the Darboux-Weinstein lemma

MATH 773(Lie Groups) under Prof Ivan Cherednik: Indefinite orthogonal groups, Weyl Formula via Orthogonality

MATH 782(Differential Geometry) under Prof Yaiza Canzani: Kähler manifolds