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Welcome to ENGL 105, Sections 054 and 065, Writing at the Research University! 

In this course, we will investigate how writing works across the disciplines at the research university (specifically the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities). Students will analyze the rhetorical and stylistic conventions of various discourse communities, and they will learn how to use these standards to effectively communicate their ideas. We will discover how different disciplines frame research questions, evaluate evidence, and make knowledge claims. The writing students will do in this class will help prepare them for the various types of academic and professional writing challenges they will encounter as students at UNC and beyond.

In order to accomplish the objectives set for this course, students cannot think about writing as merely an assignment that satisfies a list of requirements to achieve a grade. Thinking about writing only as a means to this end renders it artificial, solitary, and static. Instead, I want students to view writing as dynamic and problem-based. In this class, students participate in writing activities that call upon them to think about and place themselves in realistic rhetorical situations and view writing as a response to such situations. Their writing will become dynamic by actively responding to practical situations common to academic communities and engaging with those communities.

We work to develop strong writing and research skills, which will serve students well in college and beyond, regardless of the major or career they ultimately decide to pursue. I want my students to view their writing—as well as themselves as a writer—as a work in progress. This course is more than a series of essays for grades; it is a progression of encounters with rhetorical situations and genres that will prepare them to be an effective writer and communicator in college and in their professional lives after college.

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This site is designed for Sections 054 and 065 of English 105 for the fall 2022 semester, taught by Paul Blom at UNC-Chapel Hill. The site is intended to showcase students’ final drafts of each of their unit projects from across the semester. Additionally, at least one student from each course section will post to our course blog each week, reflecting on the week’s material and work.

Please explore the site, visit the course’s online syllabus, read about the students, and contact me if you have additional questions.

To see the students’ work in a specific unit/discipline (Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, or Humanities), or to read their weekly reflections, choose the appropriate category in the “Categories” drop-down menu or visit that particular page on the site. Be sure to check back regularly for the latest posts showcasing the students’ work.

For other information, you are also encouraged to view the extra credit assignment prompt on Writing in Business.


Thank you for your time and consideration and for supporting the important work these students are doing!



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