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Flight Sites in the Triangle

This information is merely meant to aid planning, and should not be taken as authorization to fly. For any operations, adhere to all FAA regulations and contact landowners and local law enforcement/ airspace authorities when necessary.

  • Cary
    • Cary’s public parks are open to flying drones with no restrictions beyond Federal and State level
  • Raleigh
    • Raleigh has created an approved list of locations for drone flights
      • Listed parks have approved areas within them, meaning that not the entire area of a particular park is open to drone flights.
      • Each approved area has a daily hour limitation imposed by City of Raleigh
    • Before any drone flight in Raleigh parks, see the following website which lists the sites, as well as location and time availability: Raleigh Drone Sites
  • Chapel Hill
    • No flights in public parks are permitted
    • 2 UNC locations are used by the UNC Institute for the Environment for training and research purposes, however permission must be granted in advance before any flying.