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The North Carolina Botanical Garden (NCBG) is a botanical garden operated by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. NCBG asked CARDNL to conduct thermal sensing flights with a Parrot Anafi Thermal in order to identify panel inconsistencies and to assess the efficiency of a solar panel array mounted on the central building of the NCBG facility. 

 A thermal image of the solar panels on the NCBG welcome facility in Chapel Hill, NC.

Sustainable Carolina at UNC works with UNC Facilities to manage and maintain several green roofs throughout UNC’s campus. These green roofs assist in breaking up urban heat effect, managing stormwater drainage and improving air quality in downtown Chapel Hill.

Sustainable Carolina asked CARDNL to fly these green roofs in order to gain updated imagery of the standing plant mass and to test the capability of thermal imagery to identify notable differences in local surface temperature.

An example green roof near the Genome Science Building on UNC’s campus.