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The UNC Drone Lab is housed by the UNC Institute for the Environment, located at 123 W Franklin St. Suite #330B.

Contact us by sending an email to:

Or email us individually by clicking the images below.

Dr. Susan Cohen, Director
Troy Walton, Senior Research Associate












Peggy Mullin, Research Technician and Master’s Candidate
Andrew Zachman, Research Associate and Master’s Graduate










Dr. Geoffrey Bell, Teaching Associate Professor
Gus Winiker, 2021 Summer Intern











Aivry Coleman, 2021 Fall Intern











Karen Jordan, Summer 2022 Intern










Natalie Pattetta, Spring 2022 Intern
Gabby Martinez, Spring 2023 Intern
Steve Yoon, Fall 2022 Intern
Claudia Sandoval, Spring 2023 Intern
Rachael Cronin, Spring and Summer 2024 Research Assistant
Jonas Hattman, Spring 2024 Undergraduate Research Assistant