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Roles and Responsibilities
  1. Attend semesterly Chemistry Department Lab Safety Officer (LSO) meetings. Information regarding these meetings is sent to the department via email prior to the event.
  2. Perform monthly checks of all eyewash stations
    1. Keep a record with testing dates & initials
  3. Ensure laboratory spaces are equipped first aid kits & spill kits.
    1.  Restock as needed
  4. Ensure PPE compliance and proper chemical storage within lab settings
  5. Have familiarity with hazardous waste requirements, storage, and submission protocols
    1. Lab safety officers do not have to be responsible for all waste disposal, unless appointed by their PI/group for these tasks.
  6. Foster a safe & inclusive laboratory environment
    1. Talk openly about safety within the laboratory & encourage others to do so, as well
    2.  Facilitate mentorship of less experienced students/employees when learning new techniques & encourage others to do the same.
  7. Train a new safety officer if you are preparing to leave/graduate
    1. Familiarize the new safety officer with common safety protocols within your lab & the department
    2. See Updating Safety Officer Information with EHS to keep your lab’s information up-to-date
    3. Let the JST know who your new LSO is by filling out this form
  8. Additional roles as defined by your laboratory
    1. Each lab defines the role of safety officer slightly differently, so communicate with your PI & labmates to determine if other responsibilities may aid in keeping your lab safe!