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Complete New Laboratory/Radiation Registration & Relevant Safety Trainings
Read EH&S Laboratory Safety Manual and Lab Safety Plan
Complete all Self-Study Units applicable for your specific lab environment
• Lab Safety Plan:
• Chemical Inventory:
• Training Compliance:

Printable Emergency Response Poster

Printable Emergency Medical Treatment Flowchart

• Worker’s Compensation
• Employee & Supervisor Incident Report Forms
*Note: Near misses are encouraged to be reported through the incident report forms! Simply emphasize on the report that the employee was not injured and that the incident was a near miss.

• Update Lab Safety Officer on the Lab Safety Plan
Note: PIs will likely be the only lab member with this access.
• Update Lab Entrance Signage

• EHS Waste Disposal Request
• EHS Safety Labels and Signage
• Planned Pregnancies – Conceptus Protection Program
• University Employee Occupational Health Clinic

  • Safety Net
    Includes SOPs, lab resources, synthetic procedures and physical properties that are relevant to synthetic chemists