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To get started, you must register for an account:

  1. Navigate to the core page:

  2. In the upper-right-hand corner of the screen where it says, ‘Welcome UNC-CH user, please click here to login or register,’ select the click here link

  3. You will be directed to an authentication page where you will need to enter your UNC-CH credentials

  4. Once you have entered your credentials, click the ‘Login’ button

  5. You will be directed to an iLab Registration page where you will need to select your PI/Lab, and verify your contact information

  6. Once your registration has been submitted, your PI will receive a notification that you have requested membership to their lab in iLab. They will need to approve your membership and assign any UNC-CH Chatfield String  for your use.


Click the link to open the Training Request form for the NEO400 or 500.

The forms can also be accessed under the “Training/Sample Submission” menu.