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Instrument Access

After the appropriate training, individuals may use any of the NMR Facility’s six spectrometers depending on the application. One spectrometer, the 400 wide bore, is available for walk-up use. Time is reserved on the other spectrometers either through a sign-up sheet posted every Friday morning, 360 MHz, 500 MHz and the V/A600 MHz spectrometers, or on a daily basis using a web-calendar, 400NB and B600, see links on this page to the left. Additional assistance with experiments, special request for NMR time, or requests for training may be directed to Marc ter Horst using the Training Request Form, linked to below.

Request Training for the NEO400

Request Training for the 500

Spectrometer Access


  • No reservation needed/required
  • 40 minutes total every two hours

“Calendar time”

  • Reserve “long runs” on the calendar up to 1 week in advance.
  • If not reserved, any length of time is available same day

We say it reverts to walk-up- NEED to check the calendar first!

“Drop-off” NMR:

  • Tues & Thurs 5pm-8am on the B600

Maintenance/Development time

  • Weekly magnet maintenance and experiment implementation