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Mathematics Colloquium

The Colloquium runs Thursday afternoons at 3:30 PM in Phillips Hall 332 with a tea preceding at 3:00 PM in Phillips Hall 330. The talks are aimed at general audiences with different backgrounds.

Colloquium Committee (Fall 2022): Jiuzu Hong, David Rose, Andrey Smirnov
Colloquium Committee (Spring 2023): Jiuzu Hong, Casey Rodriguez, Andrey Smirnov

Fall 2022

Date Speaker Affiliation Mode Title
September 15 Kirsten Wickelgren Duke In-person The Weil Conjectures and A1-homotopy theory
September 22 Andras Juhasz Oxford Zoom Knot theory and machine learning
September 29 Sharon Lubkin NC State In-person Cell packing in the notochord: morphometry, pattern, and forces
October 27 Yannick Sire Johns Hopkins In-person Geometric variational problems: regularity vs singularity formation
November 10 Daniel Tataru Berkeley In-person Long time solutions for one dimensional dispersive flows
November 17 Andras Szenes University of Geneva In-person Polytopes, toric varieties, and the intersection homology of moduli spaces of semistable bundles

Spring 2023

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
January 26 Pavel Etingof MIT Lie theory in tensor categories with applications to modular representation theory
February 2 Jingfang Huang UNC Mathematical and Statistical Analysis of Compressible Data on Compressive Network
February 9 Weiqiang Wang UVA Quantum Schur dualities ABC
March 30 Rebecca Goldin George Mason On positivity for flag manifolds and Hessenberg spaces
April 20 Marcelo Disconzi Vanderbilt General-relativistic viscous fluids
April 27 Colleen Robles Duke Hodge theoretic generalizations of Satake-Baily-Borel
May 3 Jeff Cheeger New York University Quantitative differentiation