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Mathematics Colloquium

The Colloquium runs Thursday afternoons at 4 PM in Phillips Hall 332 with a tea preceding at 3:30 PM in Phillips Hall 330.

Colloquium committee: Jiuzu Hong, Cris Negron, Andrey Smirnov

Fall 2020

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
October 15 Joel Kamnitzer Toronto Categorification of representations and generalized affine Grassmannian slices
October 22 Andrea Bertozzi UCLA A theory for undercompressive shocks in tears of Wine
November 12 Wei Zhang MIT Algebraic cycles on Shimura varieties and L-functions
December 3 Daniel Tataru UC Berkeley Water waves

Spring 2021

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
January 28 Sung-Jin Oh UC Berkeley On the instability of Hall MHD by degenerate dispersion
February 25 Eric Vanden-Eijnden Princeton Trainability and accuracy of artificial neural networks
March 4 Andrei Okounkov Columbia University Interpolation, q-difference equations, and curve counting
March 25 Zhiwei Yun MIT Conjugacy classes in the Weyl group and nilpotent orbits
April 22 Ron DeVore TAMU Deep Learning and Neural Networks