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Mathematics Colloquium

The Colloquium runs Thursday afternoons at 3:30 PM in Phillips Hall 332 with a tea preceding at 3:00 PM in Phillips Hall 330. The talks are aimed at general audiences with different backgrounds.

Colloquium Committee: Jiuzu Hong, Caroline Moosmueller, Casey Rodriguez

Fall 2023

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
September 7 K. R. Rajagopal TAMU The mathematics and mechanics of bodies described by implicit constitutive equations
October 5 Yaiza Canzani UNC Eigenfunction concentration and Weyl Laws via geodesic beams
October 12 Mohammad Farazmand NCSU Shape-morphing modes for solving PDEs with conserved quantities
October 26 (3:45 PM) Veronica Ciocanel Duke University  Stochastic and continuum modeling of protein polymer dynamics in neurons
November 2 Thomas Lam University of Michigan Positive geometry


Spring 2024

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
March 7 Shadi Tahvildar-Zadeh Rutgers University Spectral lines of general-relativistic hydrogen
March 20 Thomas Haines University of Maryland Galois actions on cohomology of algebraic varieties