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Mathematics Colloquium

The colloquium runs Thursday afternoons at 4 PM in Phillips Hall 332 with a tea preceding at 3:30 PM in Phillips Hall 330. The talks are aimed at general audiences with different backgrounds.
In the year 2021-2022, most talks will be held on zoom with a virtual tea time preceding at 3:45pm.

Colloquium committee: Jiuzu Hong, David Rose, Andrey Smirnov
Zoom meeting ID: 985 5728 2488, Password: The first six digits of pi

2022 spring

Date Speaker Affiliation Mode Title
Feb 10 Lisa Piccirillo MIT TBA TBA

2021 fall

Date Speaker Affiliation Mode Title
Nov 18 Dima Arinkin Wisconsin Zoom TBA
Nov 11 Greg Forest UNC TBA TBA
Nov 4 David Nadler UC Berkley In-person TBA
Oct 28 Lilian Pierce Duke Zoom Counting problems: open questions in number theory
Spe 9 Chenyang Xu Princeton Zoom Canonical metrics, stability and moduli space

Lilian Pierce
Abstract: Abstract: Many questions in number theory can be phrased as counting problems. How many primes are there? How many elliptic curves are there? How many integral solutions to this system of equations are there? How many number fields are there? Sometimes the answer is “infinitely many,” and then we want to understand the order of growth for the “family” of objects we are counting. In other settings, we might want to show the answer really is “very few indeed.” In this talk, we will explore how both types of counting problem can be related to each other. In particular, we will trace one “simple” problem from the 1600’s as it has evolved into a deeply connected web of mysterious “counting problems” that may take decades (centuries?) to solve. This talk intends to be radically accessible to students and researchers in all areas of math.

Chenyang Xu
Abstract: In the last half century, the interplay between canonical metrics and stability for various algebraic objects has been a central topic in geometry. Many new theories are developed to understand each side, as well as their relation. In my talk, I will survey the recent progress on one example of this kind: the complete solution of the Yau-Tian-Donaldson Conjecture for varieties with a positive Chern class. While this is a differential geometry problem, its solution largely depends on the development of a new algebraic theory. We will focus on this algebraic theory, and its application on a new moduli construction. Video Passcode: WFi*a7MH