Undergraduate Research Seminar (Spring 2023)


The seminars are one-hour long meetings done on a monthly basis, at 1:30 p.m. E.T. over Zoom. Each gathering consists of two invited talks (not exceeding thirty minutes each): one by an undergraduate student who is working on a mathematical research project, and one by a faculty member who is supervising undergraduate research.

The seminars are organized by Hans Christianson and Casey Rodriguez. To get Zoom links or to receive announcements for upcoming talks, please fill out this google form

Abstracts, when available, may be viewed by clicking on the title of the talk below.


Date Speaker Title
January 27 Prof. Eric Ling (University of Copenhagen (GeoTop)) and Elie Kapengut (Rutgers On the spectrum of general-relativistic hydrogenic ions with an anomalous magnetic moment
February 17 Prof. Kiril Datchev (Purdue) and Adam Clay Spectral and scattering theory for waveguides
April 28 Prof. Svetlana Roudenko (FlU)

Gia Azcoitia, Troy Roberts, Beckett Sanchez (undergrads),
Alex D. Rodrigues and Iryna Petrenko (grad mentors)
An NLS case study: well-posedness beyond standard models


Click on the following link to see past speakers: Fall 2023, Fall 2022