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The School of Law uses secure software for the administration of exams electronically. Upon launch, Examplify will shut down all other programs and services on your machine to ensure there is no use of outside information, if this is your professor’s preference. Please pay attention to their instructions. If you prefer to hand write your exam, blue books will be available on each exam day.

It is important that your laptop meets the minimum system requirements outlined by ExamSoft. These requirements can change from year to year.

In advance of the 1L practice exams you will receive an email from ExamSoft with your login credentials, and a link to download the software. You will also receive an email from Student Services letting you know that email is forthcoming. Before the practice exam you will get a demo on how the software works, and be able to ask questions.

IT is always stationed outside the rooms where exams are taking place to assist.

You MUST be connected to the “eduroam” or “23-24-UNCPSK” secure wifi networks to successfully access your exams.