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UNC provides all students free access to Outlook and many Microsoft Office tools such as Word, Excel, OneDrive and Teams.

You will use Outlook for all of your email communication. If you currently have an Outlook account or Office software installed from a previous job or school, please uninstall or disable those instances, and download from UNC to maintain compatibility with your professors and testing software.

2-Step security authentication is used to access your email and Office products. To download the Microsoft Authenticator App, follow these instructions. You must do this step before you can access your email.

Visit and log in with your Onyen (email address) and password. Here, you can click on Outlook and other applications and use them in the browser. In the right corner of the screen you will see the “Install Office” button, which enables you to download desktop versions of these products. It is preferable to download and use the desktop versions as the “online” office products have limited features.

Included in the Office suite is OneDrive, which provides you with 1TB of storage. It is strongly recommended that you save and store documents to OneDrive during your time at UNC.

Please call 919.962.HELP (4357) or visit and click on the “chat” icon at the bottom of the page to receive immediate assistance.