Terms of Service

Use of the websites is a University resource. All uses must be in conformance with all other University policies, including but not limited to, the Digital Accessibility Policy, the Acceptable Use Policy, the Personal Use Policy, the Policy on Use of University Resources in Support of Entrepreneurial Activities, and the Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct.

Content Guidelines

  • Copyrighted content may not be reproduced on UNC sites unless covered under fair use regulations or obtained with permission. The University may remove or take down any site in violation of copyright law after receiving notice of a violation in order to review the content.
  • Users may not post illegal content, such as child pornography, true threats of violence, incitement to riot, defamation, or obscenity.
  • Content may be reviewed for potential violations of the University’s Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct. As warranted, the University may remove content pending an investigation.
  • All sites must comply with the Digital Accessibility Policy and remain accessible for all users with disabilities.
  • Websites cannot attempt to confuse site visitors by using official marks and branding of other entities, including the University’s own marks. If you have any questions about what official marks or brands you are entitled to use, consult the Identity and Trademark and Licensing websites.

Usage Guidelines

  • Except as allowed under the Personal Use Policy or the Policy on Use of University Resources in Support of Entrepreneurial Activities, users may not use University websites for private business, commercial or political activities, fundraising, or advertising on behalf of non-University affiliated entities.
  •  Sites may not be used to perform credit card transactions or directly raise any type of funds by soliciting payments through anything other than a link to University foundation or development sites.
  • Sites should not be used to conduct any research on individuals, except as permitted by the policies of the University’s Vice Chancellor for Research.

Sensitive Data

Sensitive data is not permitted on our WordPress networks, specifically sites.unc.edu, web.unc.edu, tarheels.live. This includes all data, in their original and duplicate forms, that contain:

Inactive Sites Guidelines

All websites must be associated with at least one user with an active Onyen. This may include either a user with an Administrator or Editor role. Websites with no active “owners” may be deactivated after six months and then removed completely after 12 months effective from the relevant role end date.

Websites with no activity within a 12 month period will be flagged and an alert will be sent to the active Onyens associated with the site. Unless the active owners respond affirmatively to keeping the site active, the site will be de-activated, then removed completely after a six month period.

Violations and Legal Notices

Any site found violating one or more of these guidelines will have the offending content in question removed. Major violations may result in complete site removal, revocation of web privileges, disciplinary measures, and potential legal action or loss of employment. UNC reserves the right to remove any website at any time for any given reason.

In the event the University receives a court order or subpoena for your website or related content, the University may access, preserve, and disclose your content to comply with the legal process. Your content may also be subject to the NC Public Records Act, even should you choose to password protect your site. You may also have retention and preservation obligations under the University’s Records Retention Schedule.