About TarHeels.live

What is TarHeels.live?

Tarheels.live is a web publishing service that allows anyone with an Onyen to create their own website at no charge. The cloud-based self-service network is fast and reliable and runs on the WordPress platform. It offers powerful features and functionality. We are committed to improving accessibility by offering web accessible themes and plugins.

TarHeels.live is a shared, managed environment with approved themes, plugins and code designed specifically for the Carolina community. For security and stability reasons, we do not allow users to upload custom plugins, themes or custom functionality (i.e. PHP/JavaScript modules).

TarHeels.live is available for the use of the UNC-Chapel Hill community and all sites on the network are subject to our Terms of Service. The opinions expressed on these websites do not necessarily reflect the position of the University.

Why TarHeels.live?

Web addresses that end in “.edu” are designated for websites at accredited postsecondary institutions and are meant to demonstrate credibility. The vast majority of websites on our self-service networks were created by students for coursework. The University has an enormous digital footprint. Website visitors should be able to easily distinguish between websites that represent the University in an official capacity and sites created for a classroom assignment or personal use.

We chose the name TarHeels.live because this service is available to any Tar Heel with an active Onyen. All new sites will have “tarheels.live” as part of their web address (ex:tarheels.live/sitename).

What happened to my web.unc.edu site(s)?

ITS Digital Services replaced web.unc.edu with TarHeels.live. For the foreseeable future, if you own a web.unc.edu website, it’s still yours. To minimize the impact on current website owners, existing sites will maintain their current URL (Example: sitename.web.unc.edu).


UNC takes pride in being an inclusive institution, and our digital work should be inclusive as well. The University has a Digital Accessibility Policy to ensure that our websites are accessible to everyone. We strongly recommend that all website owners work with the Digital Accessibility Office and attend its training sessions on managing accessible website content.

Requesting a *.unc.edu URL

A small portion of websites created on our self-service network are for official University purposes. If you create a University-related website on the new TarHeels.live network, you may request a *.tarheels.unc.edu or *.unc.edu URL. See details.