Online Class Statement websites may be used by Carolina instructors to encourage discussion and learning in the classroom as well as facilitate the sharing of research. Instructors using for their courses have a responsibility to teach and protect the students in each course.

The following text should be included on all syllabi:

Online Class Statement

1. By enrolling as a student in this course, you agree to abide by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill policies related to the Acceptable Use of online resources. Please consult the Acceptable Use Policy on topics such as copyright, net etiquette and privacy protection.

2.  As part of this course you may be asked to participate in online discussions or other online activities that may include personal information about you or other students in the course. Please be respectful of the rights and protection of other participants under the UNC-Chapel Hill Information Security Policies when participating in online classes.

3.  When using online resources offered by organizations not affiliated with UNC-Chapel Hill such as Google or YouTube, please note that the Terms and Conditions of these companies and not the University’s Terms and Conditions apply. These third parties may offer different degrees of privacy protection and access rights to online content. You should be well aware of this when posting content to sites not managed by UNC-Chapel Hill.

4.   When links to sites outside of the domain are inserted in class discussions, please be mindful that clicking on sites not affiliated with UNC-Chapel Hill may pose a risk for your computer due to the possible presence of malware on such sites.